Dr Craig April, founder of The April Center for Anxiety Attack Management, sits down with us to chat about his new book The Anxiety Getaway: How to Outsmart Your Brain's False Fear Messages and Claim Your Calm Using CBT Techniques.

With anxiety ramping up as we all deal with the current crisis, Dr. April's book couldn't come at a better time. He discusses the scientific approach he uses to help people stop feeling like victims to anxiety and equip themselves to break the patterns and get away.

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Steve Silverman creator and host of the long running podcast/blog Useless Information, called in from quarantine to chat about his upcoming book: The Flip Side of History: Fascinating True Stories that Time Has Long Forgotten.

Steve is a collector of amazing true stories and shares three of his longtime favourites. Including one about an actual WWII plan to attach bombs to bats, and one about a man who took more than 30 attempts to murder.

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Eric Martin calls in from quarantine to talk about his upcoming book Your Leadership Moment: Democratizing Leadership in an Age of Authoritarianism.

Eric has brought leadership development to hundreds of thousands of people in 146 countries. We talk about leadership in everything from business meetings to stand-up comedy. Eric walks us through adaptive leadership, and identifying your moments, and provides some very interesting stories of leadership in action.

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MK Mueller sits down for a timely chat about her book 8 To Great: How to Take Charge of Your Life and Make Positive Changes Using an 8-Step Breakthrough Process. Since her book first published MK's practical message has spread across the US and the world, including being adapted for high-school curricula.

MK's message is all about letting go of the past and building hope for the future. She walks readers though a series of steps that are easy to understand and easy to connect with even for people who are not normally the key self-help audience.

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J.J. Johnson calls in to chat about Dino Dana: Dino Field Guide, which is the upcoming book from the team that brought you the Dino Dana TV series, and the soon to be released Dino Dana movie. It's a a very cool compendium of dinosaur info.

There are not many topics more interesting than Dinosaurs, and J.J. shares some behind the scenes info about the book, the show, and some of the things he's learned about the largest and coolest animals to ever walk the planet.

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Podcaster and enormous Back To the Future fan Brad Gilmore stops by to chat about his new book: Back From the Future: A Celebration of the Greatest Time Travel Story Ever Told.

We get into all things Back To The Future: why we love it, where we were on Future Day, could the movie be made today. It's a small taste of what is in Brad's very cool new book, which provides a deep dive into what might be the greatest pure trilogy ever made.

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Back From The Future

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Back To The Future: The Podcast

The Brad Gilmore Show

The Hall of Fame with Booker T and Brad Gilmore

Animal Educator, former Zoo Keeper, and creator/host of the hugely popular YouTube channel Emzotic, Emma Lock, stops in to talk about her book - Animal Kind: Lessons on Love, Fear and Friendship from the Animals in our Lives.

Emma shares where her love of animals began, her journey to YouTube and beyond, and the importance of our relationships with the animals we share our lives with. It is funny and educational and touching in all the ways fans of Emzotic would expect.

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Animal Kind

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Mary Kay McBrayer calls in to chat about her true crime book: America's First Female Serial Killer: Jane Toppan and the Making of a Monster.

The book is a fascinating look at a serial killer who has largely gone unnoticed by history, with a focus both on Toppan's crimes and the mid 1800's society that helped make her the monster she was. We also chat a bit about McBrayer's horror movie podcast, and the ties between good horror movie writing and writing true crime.

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America's First Female Serial Killer

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Everything Trying to Kill You

Jeremy Bhandari sits down to chat about his new book - Trust the Grind: How World-Class Athletes Got To The Top. Trust the Grind features conversations with 16 world class athletes, who give insights into some of the habits that got them to the top of their various sports.

Jeremy shares a few fun stories about meeting sports greats like Terrell Owens and Jason Kidd as well as some of the insights they gave that are useful no matter what your goals are.

The athletes in the book include: Jason Kidd, Chipper Jones, Terrell Owens, Paige VanZant, Manny Pacquiao, Mike Modano, Jimmie Johnson, Gary Player, Deena Kastor, Ryan Sheckler, Georges St-Pierre, Ryan Lochte, Devin Hester, Andruw Jones, Luis Gonzalez, Tim Hudson.

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Trust The Grind

Tanya and Danny stop by to talk about their new book: For All Humankind: The Untold Stories of How the Moon Landing Inspired the World.

Dr. Tanya Harrison calls herself a “professional martian.” She has spent over a decade working as a scientist and in mission operations on multiple NASA Mars missions, including the Curiosity and Opportunity rovers. Dr. Danny Bednar is a geographer of space, with an interest in how satellites are helping in the fight against climate change. Their book looks at the impact of the moon landing on people across the globe. They also talk about the ongoing impact and what might be next for humans in space. It is really fascinating stuff.

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For All Humankind

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